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A very warm welcome to Guitar Crayzee


If like me you are absolutely Crayzee about the Guitar and Guitar music. I think you will enjoy GuitarCrayzee. It is a website dedicated to the Guitar and Guitar nuts everywhere. I sincerely hope that you will find my site interesting, informative and above all, fun!. This website is all about me sharing my love of the Guitar and in particular, the Guitar in Rock Music with like minded people. I'm sure there's a few of you out there? You will find audio samples and music videos scattered around the site, so share the love, crank up the volume, break out the beer, enjoy the best music and keep supporting the Guitar. Rock Music is here to stay, so get used to the volume folks.




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Here on the site you will find unbiased reviews of Guitar and Music related products and services, plus many links to some fantastic sites for useful information, to listen to audio samples, watch video samples, find tickets for this years Biggest Gigs, the Best Theater Seats and Top Sporting Events.


The GuitarCrayzee guitar effects guide for example, is quite unique in that you can see a photo of the pedal, read the manufacturers description, features list, specs etc. You can also check out video and audio demos, read customer guitar effects pedal reviews and find links to a variety of online stores that have the best prices for the pedal. Where else would you get all that info on one site?


There are also the latest Music Charts... Well, Rock and Hard Rock Music Charts to be precise.




Based on my love for the guitar and guitar music, the wisdom gained after many years of trail and error, studying and playing the guitar, plus the experience of many years of live performance. I offer my recommendations for your consideration.


Hints and tips are scattered around the site for those of you who are just starting out (see the pro guitar tips page) and links for you to buy all manner of Guitar and Music related goodies online, plus one or two cool freebies.


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USA Concert Tickets


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There are links scattered around the site to help you find some real bargains on musical equipment in the USA, the UK and in Euirope.


There are pages here devoted to Guitar Amps and Cabs, Recording Software, Guitar Accessories, Guitar Equipment, Music Books, Music DVD's, Guitar Hardware and even Rock Fashion. If you want to play better Lead Guitar Bass Guitar or any other kind of Guitar, there should be more than enough here to be of interest.


GuitarCrayzee is the one stop resource for all Guitar players and lovers of the Guitar in Rock Music.


I am always on the look out for good online guitar lesson sites to review. I do try many of them out myself and rate them accordingly. Unlike many of the so called guitar lesson reviews you will find on the internet that simply promote the sites they are affiliated to, most of my guitar lesson reviews are based on personal experience and if I haven't tested a site listed in the review section, I make that clear. There are some great guitar tutors online and some sites like Infinite Guitar for example that have an abundance of excellent online guitar lessons such as: Learn and Master Guitar, Infinite Guitar, Online Rock School, Truefire, Jamorama, Guitartricks, Guitar Scale Mastery and Free Guitar Videos to name but a few.


I am always keeping an eye open for worthwhile courses I can include in the Beginners Guitar Lesson Reviews section.


Be sure to check out the awesome bands on the 'Featured' pages and you will also find some very cool sites to visit on the 'links' page. Also, you can take a trip down 'Memory Lane' with me, share my passions or read my latest rant on my blog.




Guitar Music

Throughout the site you will find references to Guitarists I suggest you listen to, like this one >

David Gilmour the 'master of tone', gives us a perfect example of what a guitar should sound like. The tone really is in your fingers. Although lots of very expensive gear and the best guitar techs helps a bit too. ' lol'

I recommend DVDs I believe you will enjoy and learn from. Guitar and Music related books I suggest you read. Plus there are many useful and interesting items, articles and links for those interested in Rock Guitar and the Music Business in general


I am a musician, not a web developer or an online marketer, so this site is very much 'work in progress'. Some sections of the site are not yet fully functional (I'm still learning how to put a web site together) I will be adding more and more content to the site on an ongoing basis, so please visit often to check out the latest additions.


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There are so many extra's and for what you pay, it's unbelievable value. Never had a problem, no down time, no issues whatsoever.


Also, when I've struggled with technical issues due to my lack of knowledge, their live chat staff have responded to my queries within seconds and have helped to get me up and running again within minutes.


In my opinion, there isn't a better web host. I would never use anyone else after using Just Host. It doesn't matter where you are based, they will host you.


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