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Recommended Listening - Featured Artists


Kamelot & Epica


Vocals? What? No Guitars? Oh don't worry there are guitars, there's always guitars, but just not enough of it for this music to qualify as guitar music unfortunately.


The two bands featured here, Kamelot and Epica, would I suppose fall into the Melodic Metal sub genre and yet they don't. It was so much easier to categorise music when any guitar music played louder than your average chart single was classed simply as rock and therefore degenerate.


The guitarists in said bands are obviously very talented and without doubt influence the overall sound greatly, yet they sadly do not take on the role of a lead instrument in the traditional sense. I personally find this particularly frustrating, especially with tracks like The Haunting, which to my mind screams out for a beautiful, heart rending guitar solo. Thomas Youngblood, the guitarist and sole surviving founder of Kamelot, based on what I have heard of his playing so far, is more than capable of delivering the goods and yet seems to prefer to take a back seat and let the vocals hog the spotlight. C'mon Tommy lad, play your guitar will ya man? Mini solos don't cut it dude.


Roy Khan's vocals on the otherhand are outstanding and when joined by the ethereal beauty of Simone Simons, the harmonies are nothing short of astonishing, so I do understand why yer man Tommy is happy to be a back seat driver. Roy Khan is in my opinion, the best male vocalist to emerge on the Rock / Metal scene since the legendary Paul Rodgers.


I have become a huge fan of the delectable and enormously talented Simone Simons of Epica, who regularly guests with Kamelot. Simone's vocals are totally captivating, listen to her at your peril. You will, I guarantee fall under her spell and be enchanted by her purity of tone, her effortless grace and beauty and like me, be hooked for life.


I just had to feature Epica and Kamelot by way of spreading the word to as many people as possible, that may not yet be aware of these modern musical juggernauts.


Since discovering these bands recently, (Which probably explains why I am raving about them) I have grown to appreciate their music more and more. If you haven't heard the album 'The Black Halo', you have to. No really, I insist. Buy it right now, I promise you will love it. I can't stop playing it.


As for Simone? May i suggest you buy all her recordings because she is simply awesome!