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Hi, my name is David Rutter and I have been playing guitar for over 40 years. Some of the bands I have played in are, Trick Cyclist, Street Life, Alive and Kicking and more recently Fink Ployd, who were considered by many to be one of the best Pink Floyd tribute bands in the UK at the time. Here are a few pics of me playing with Fink Ployd at the Rock Radio 106.1 FM 1st birthday party at the Ritz Manchester, March 2009.


David Rutter with Fink Ployd at The Ritz Manchester for the Rock Radio Birthday Party      David Rutter with Fink Ployd at The Ritz Manchester for the Rock Radio Birthday Party      David Rutter with Fink Ployd at The Ritz Manchester for the Rock Radio Birthday Party      David Rutter with Fink Ployd at The Ritz Manchester for the Rock Radio Birthday Party


It is my mission to develop this site to be an invaluable resource and focal point for people who like me, are just CRAYZEE about the guitar. Over time, I hope to include a little bit of everything on my site that will be of interest to anyone with a love of guitars and guitar music. My preference as you will soon discover is for Classic Rock/Blues guitar music, but I do love guitar music of any description.


When I first began learning to play the guitar back in the 'Dark Ages', we didn't have the amazing facilities that are available to help with education today, such as the Internet. We didn't even have video players back then, so I like many others had to learn the hard way from books, or by listening to my favorite guitarists and trying to copy what they were playing by ear, in real time. No music slow downers, no online lessons etc.


I have spent many years looking for tips and tricks to help make me a better guitarist and I have made many mistakes along the way. I sincerely hope to be able to help anyone just starting out on the road to becoming a great guitarist, avoid making the same mistakes I made.


You will find information here is presented in a light hearted, tongue in cheek manner, as I believe one has to also have a good sense of humour to play the guitar well. When you get frustrated and you will, have a good laugh at yourself and remember this. If it was easy to play lead guitar, we wouldn't have any bass players - Ha Ha!.


My suggestions are based on the experience gained from many years of live performance. You will find many hints and tips scattered around this site, in my unbiased reviews and blogs etc. I will also try to answer any questions you may have as best I can, if you use the contact form


Interesting, informative content and reviews of new products will be added on a fairly regular basis, including further pearls of wisdom for beginners to hopefully help point you guys in the right direction.


I hope you will enjoy my site and find it useful in your quest to become a better guitarist. Please visit again soon to see what's new.



David Rutter


A couple of photo's of me with Fink Ployd

Fink Ployd


Fink Ployd


The Terry Spink Breath of Life Fund


Terry Spink has been a dear friend of mine for over 35 years. Terry sadly passed away on Tuesday the 21st of February 2012. We have been in several bands together over the years including 'Trick Cyclist' and 'Alive & Kicking.' Terry had also been involved with many other bands and musical projects, such as 'Socrates', winners of 'opportunity Knocks' and the only white band to ever be signed by Stax Records. with his life long pals Ronnie Henshall (Grysby Dyke) and Billy Henshall (aka) Buzz Hawkins of The Bradshaw's fame.


Terry & Billy then teamed up with the exceptionally talented David Townson who had returned to the UK after spending his formative years living in Vancouver, where he learned his trade studying recording and sound reinforcement and later, touring Canada with pro bands. Jon Toup ex The Trend completed the line-up to form the band Sox. After Billy left Sox to concentrate on his solo career, the band went through several name changes such as Wurm and the Ugly Brothers to name but two, then Dave had to leave to return to Canada, which is where I joined the party and what a party it was.


I was with the cabaret band 'Street Life' at the time. The vocalist Pete Wild, bored with performing the same old covers 3 times a week, had answered an ad in the Manchester Evening News 'Looking for a Rock Singer.' He joined the then, nameless band and as they were looking for a second guitarist. (They needed 2 people to fill Dave's shoes lol.) Pete insisted I accompany him and literally he dragged me along to a rehearsal at the Carters Club in Glossop. When we walked in, the band was playing one of Dave's toons 'Troubles' I knew within 30 seconds I had to be in this band. Terry, Jon, Glyn, Pete and myself clicked right away and that was that.. A magical period of my life began and Trick Cyclist was born.


Dave returned from Canada some time later and I finally got to meet the guy who's music I had grown to love and had been playing for a couple of years or so. The rest as they say is history. Alive and Kicking reformed in 2007 for a few reunion gigs, which is when I met Jimmy Degnen for the first time. Jimmy had also been with A&K back in the day after I left the band.


Terry was a great Dad to his son Terry and his daughter's Charlotte and Elizabeth. He was a great Grandfather to their kids and he was also just about the best mate anyone could wish for. He was so funny sometimes you would literally wet your pants laughing. He had a great, dry sense of humour. he was witty, spiritual, yet at the same time, a solid guy who was always there for his friends. He liked a pint and loved to run up Billy's bar tab lmao. We all love him and miss him so much and wanted to do something by way of a proper send off. So Alive and Kicking ride again. We are having another reunion in Terry's honour with Jimmy's lad James on Bass. This is to raise money for The Terry Spink Breath of Life Fund set up by Terry's daughter Liz. - The proceeds will go to The British Lung Foundation. I know times are hard for everyone, but please donate if you can, it's a great cause.


I will post details of the gig here, on Facebook and on Myspace and Twitter when I have them. Below are a few pics taken at our last reunion rehearsals and one of the gigs back in 2007 plus a couple of old pics of Terry, Billy, Dave and Jon when they were young lads.


Since I wrote the post above some time ago, we have had further bereavements, serious illness and a variety of surgical procedures affecting myself, other members of the band and their families. Regretfully these events have caused us to shelve any plans for a tribute to Terry for the time being.





David Rutter and Terry Spink 2007
A&K 2007
A&K 2007
Dave Townson
Me - Terry
Jimmy - Me - Terry
Me Terry Jimmy Jon
A&K 2007
Terry - Jimmy - Jon
Billy - Jon - Terry - Dave
Dave - Terry - Jon