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Purchasing a guitar online is not something I would recommend, unless your a collector and not too fussy about actually playing the instrument.


Choosing the right guitar for you is obviously a very personal issue and one not to be taken lightly. The guitar you choose will be your best friend for years to come and has to feel right, look right, play right and sound right This is definately a hands-on process and you may have to visit many guitar retailers and try many guitars before you find 'The One'.


To illustrate my point here. I managed quite a famous musical instrument retail outlet (guitar shop) many years ago. We had around 300 guitars on display at any one time including Fenders, Gibsons, Schecters, Yamahas, Washburns, Jacksons, Charvels etc. We sold many guitars each week so during my time there we must have bought and sold 2,000 or so guitars. As it was my job to check and set up the guitars, I played all of them and believe it or not? There were in total only 6 or 7 guitars I would have bought for myself and three of those were second hand, vintage guitars. I actually did buy two of them lol.


If you are a beginner, don't worry too much about finding that particular guitar just yet. Concentrate first on finding an instrument that is not too expensive but plays well. What if you decide that playing the guitar isn't for you after all? You don't want to lose too much money and here is a newsflash...


When it comes to musical equipment, unless you really know what your doing, or are extremely lucky. The moment you walk out of the store tightly clutching your latest aquisition, the item you just bought with your hard earned cash is now worth approximately half of what you just paid for it. The depreciation on musical equipment is appalling.


I suggst that if you are a beginner looking for your first guitar, you take someone with you that knows what they are doing and can tell the difference between a reasonably well made instrument and a total dog!


Never, ever purchase a guitar online unless you have an iron clad gaurantee that you can return the instrument if you are not totally satisfied with it.



EMG David Gilmour DG20 System


This is exactly the same set up fitted to Dave Gilmour's Cherry Red 57 reissue Stratocaster used on the Pulse tour. A set of three EMG SA pick-ups, plus an EXG expander, SPC presence control and master volume fitted to a pearl pick-guard and ready to easily install into your Strat.


This set utilizes EMG's ivory alnico loaded sa single coils, an exg guitar expander for tonal girth and an spc presence control to enhance the strat earthiness, all prewired onto a custom 11-hole white pearl pickguard with white knobs.


David gilmour is recognized the world over for his revolutionary and incomparable sound which he has used to great effect both with pink floyd and as a solo artist.


When you hear the tones coming out of his red strat you are hearing him play his signature emg pro series system, the DG20.




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