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Guitar Lesson DVD's for Intermediate and Advanced Guitarists

In reviewing the numerous guitar tutorial courses available online, I have noticed that with the exception of a handful of sites, the emphasis is on the beginner and that the majority of sites do not have a great deal of content that would be of interest to the more advanced student.

With this in mind, I have put together a selection of great DVD tutorials that I believe would be suitable for the intermediate and advanced guitarist.

I will add a few more advanced tutorials soon and also add a beginners guitar lesson DVD section in the near future.

Guitar Lesson DVD - Alan Holdsworth

Guitar Lesson DVD - Alan Holdsworth

As one of the most unique and respected guitarists in the world, Allan Holdsworth has influenced countless others, including legendary artists like Frank Zappa, Eddie Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen, Alex Lifeson and Steve Vai.

In this one-of-a-kind DVD, Allan performs seven electrifying tunes with his band, which features keyboardist Steve Hunt, bassist Skuli Sverrisson, and drummer Chad Wackerman. Allan breaks down his creative use of scales and chord voicings in this video and offers insightful suggestions as to how to go about creating your own unique sounds and chord voicings based on his simple, yet revolutionary, concept for harmonizing scales in intervals other than traditional 3rds.

See incredible close-up shots of Allan s amazing technique here, and enjoy the unique opportunity to learn from one of the all-time greats!

Buy Alan Houldsworth's Guitar Tutorial DVD here

Guitar Lesson DVD - Frank Gambale - Modes

Guitar Lesson DVD - Modes No More Mystery - Frank Gambale

One of my all time favourite Guitar Lessons by one of the best guitarists in the world. The legendary 'Thunder from Down Under' Frank Gambale.

In this superb tutorial, Frank presents a clear and easy-to-understand guide to using modes in soloing.

Frank takes a subject that guitarists often find confusing and explains it in simple terms. He covers all 7 major modes and demonstrates the use of each in the context of some extraordinary solo work.

For intermediate to advanced students. DVD special features include tuning segment, video performance (Allan Holdsworth, Joe Pass), Concert with Class preview, Frank Gambale catalog, and internet connectivity.

Buy Frank Gambale's Modal Tutorial DVD 'Modes No More Mystery' here

Guitar Lesson DVD - Frank Gambale - Chop Builder

Guitar Lesson DVD - Chopbuilder - Frank Gambale

Keep those chops in shape! This intense routine three times a week will increase guitar fitness, strengthen hands and increase speed and dexterity while improving music theory and fretboard knowledge.

I can't recommend this DVD highly enough. It is different, it's uniquely Frank Gambale, it's fun and it's inspired. Imagine if you can an aerobics workout for guitarists with the emphasis on endurance. A challenging and motivational DVD. With booklet. (75 min.)

Buy Frank Gambale's Chopbuilder DVD here

Guitar Lesson DVD - Frank gambale - Speed pickingGuitar Lesson - Frank Gambale

Guitar Lesson DVD - Monster Licks - Speed Picking - Frank Gambale

Frank Gambale demonstrates his technique with diatonic scales, pentatonic scales, arpeggios, and triads, playing each slowly and then at lightning speed.

DVD special features include tuning segment, video performance with Allan Holdsworth and John Scofield, Concert with Class preview, Frank Gambale catalog, and Internet connectivity.;

Buy Frank Gambale's Monster Licks - Speed Picking DVD here

Guitar Lesson DVD - Frank Gambale - Acoustic Improvisation

Guitar Lesson DVD - Acoustic Improvisation - Frank Gambale

Frank Gambale s Acoustic Improvisation DVD follows the success of his first acoustic trio recording, Natural High. This video features his trio, Natural High Live, with Otmaro Ruiz on piano, Alain Caron on bass, and Frank on acoustic guitar.

After blowing through seven jaw-dropping performances with his world-class band, Frank sits down for a candid one-on-one session about jazz improvisation.

Using the changes to All the Things You Are as a foundation, Frank teaches a series of ideas for improvising over classic ii-V progressions using 3rds and 7ths, chord extensions, Phrygian, super Locrian, and diminished ideas.

Franks incorporates rhythmic and melodic motifs and much, much more. As a special added feature, all the music examples and lead sheets for all the songs performed on the DVD are included as printable PDF files.

SONGS Fortune Another Challenger We'll Remember December You Are All the Things Principesa Samba de Somewhere D s Living Room SPECIAL FEATURES DVD-ROM with · The complete video formatted for your computer or iPod · Printable PDF files of all the songs and music examples. Previews of other Frank Gambale DVDs. Preview of Johnny A' s Taste · Tone · Touch

Buy Frank Gambale's Acoustic Improvisation DVD here

Guitar Lesson DVD - Frank Gambale - Concert With ClassGuitar Lesson - Frank Gambale

Guitar Lesson DVD - Concert With Class - Frank Gambale

This DVD features a 90 minute live concert performance by Gambale, followed by an exclusive instructional segment with the legend himself, breaking down several songs featured in the live show and includes a free tab booklet. Lots of bonus footage.

Following are a couple of reviews I spotted that I just had to include here.

"If you're already a Gambale fan, then this DVD shows you where you go after you've already been where he's been."

"The music is so fresh and beautiful, the solos are incredible and impossible..this is a must for every guitar and jazz fan."

Buy Frank Gambale's 'Concert with Class' DVD here

Guitar lesson DVD - Streve Lukather - Master Session Guitar Lesson - Steve Lukather

Guitar Lesson DVD - Master Session - Steve Lukather

The Steve Lukather Master Session (a volume in the Star Licks guitar video-tutor series), made in 1984 after the release of the fifth Toto album Isolation, is the only instructional Lukather video. It's a great tutorial, not only for (future) guitarists but also for those Lukather fans who frequently asked themselves 'how the hell did he do it'.

Lukather turns out to be a fetching tutor, showing a lot of information, technique and humor in 35 minutes.

This video was originally released under the title Starlicks Master Series in 1984.

Buy Steve Lukather's 'Master Session' DVD here

Guitar Lesson DVD - Ney MelloGuitar Lesson - Ney Mello

Guitar Lesson DVD - Maximum Speed Picking - Ney Mello

Consisting of 1 Training DVD and 1 live concert and interview DVD. Total Playing time for -both- DVDs: 3h 50 mins. English language.

In this, long awaited, revolutionary right hand pick training system, Ney Mello reveals for the first time a wealth of very effective and closely guarded extreme speed picking secrets that were not readily available before 2008 due in part to the complexity of the motions and the 3-dimensional nature of the topic. Now, thanks to high quality 720 line idv 2-camera video, Ney Mello is able to share his unique personal discoveries in pick training methodology after 30 years of research and testing on himself as a renowned player and on his very successful students .


Effective and proven innovative training techniques directly applicable to Rock, jazz, blues, swing, latin, bluegrass, folk and any style that uses the pick. Direct Picking, sweep picking Optimal Pick Grip for Maximum Flexibility. Index and Thumb Movement: When and Why. Boosting Efficiency of Movement Reducing Fatigue with Proper Wrist and Forearm Motion. Pick Angles: When and Why You Need More Than One. The Free Stroke and Its Function. The Contact Stroke and Its Function Advanced Strumming Techniques. Volume and Tonal Dynamics Breaking Mental Barriers in Hyper Speed mode. Metronome practice: Proven Methods That Work. Specialized Strength Training for Better arm control. Exercises to help prevent playing injuries and much more! BONUS CONCERT: Exclusive Live Performance at The Brazilian American Cultural Institute, Washington DC USA, with Ney Mello on electric and acoustic guitar with world acclaimed VICTOR WILLIAMS (percussionist with John Mc Laughlin, Dennis Chambers...) and DAVID DYSON (bassist with David Sanborn,New Kids on The Block, Fareed Haque...)

Buy Nay Mello's Maximum Speed Picking DVD here

Guitar Lesson DVD - John Petrucci - Rock Discipline

Guitar Lesson DVD - Rock Discipline - John Petrucci

John Petrucci provides instructional material, along with live G3 Tour Footage, backstage material with John, hilarious bloopers, the interactive feature of John's Ernie Ball Guitar, a Dream Theater discography, DVD-ROM features, lots more.


Buy John Petrucci's 'Rock Discipline' DVD here

Guitar Lesson DVD - Joe Pass - Solo Jazz GuitarGuitar Lesson - Joe Pass - Solo Jazz Guitar

Guitar Lesson DVD - Solo Jazz Guitar - Joe Pass

Joe Pass is one of jazz guitar's all-time masters. He demonstrates legendary techniques that will be of value to rock guitarists as well as jazz purists.

Joe covers chord melody, chord substitutions, leading tones, chromatic chords, voice movements, and many more special excercises, all with the unique Joe Pass twist.

A chance to study with a jazz guitar legend!

Buy 'Solo Jazz Guitar' DVD by Joe Pass here

Guitar Lesson DVD - Joe Pass - The Blues Side of JazzGuitar Lesson DVD - Joe Pass - The Blues Side of Jazz

Guitar Lesson DVD - The Blue Side of Jazz - Joe Pass

This follow-up to Joe's best-selling Solo Jazz Guitar DVD explores the blues elements of jazz guitar.

Joe covers bebop blues, new chord substitutions, pedal tones, jazz/blues improvisation and much more.

As usual, Joe brings wit and style to his invaluable guitar lessons, taking you straight to the heart of the blue side of jazz guitar.

Buy 'The Blue Side of Jazz DVD by Joe Pass here

Guitar Lesson DVD - Larry Coryell - Advanced Jazz GuitarGuitar Lesson DVD - Larry Coryell - Advanced Jazz Guitar

Guitar Lesson DVD - Advanced Jazz Guitar - Larry Coryell

Larry Coryell is one of jazz/rock fusion's true pioneering greats and, along with his solo recordings, has recorded with numerous legendary musicians such as John McLaughlin, Sonny Rollins, Stephane Grappelli, and Wayne Shorter. Always an educator as well as a player, he's been a popular columnist for Guitar Player Magazine for many years.

It's hard to imagine a more in-depth and advanced lesson on jazz guitar than this masterpiece by Larry Coryell. All of his years of experience and knowledge come into focus as he works on how to play over changes, substitute chords and licks, turnarounds, breaking down complex single-note melodies, blues/jazz styles, swing comping, combining Django-style with modern walking bass lines, Coltrane phrases, Lenny Breau-style waterfall harmonics, outside playing, Gabor Szabo octaves, special stretch exercises, working with dissonance and even more!

Larry shows throughout the tape how he's just as incredible a teacher as he is a player, and I can assure you, there's enough information here to keep any guitarist busy for a long time

Buy Larry Coryell's 'Advanced Jazz Guitar' DVD here

Guitar Lesson DVD - John McLaughlin -This is the way I do itGuitar Lesson DVD - John McLaughlin - This is the way I do it

Guitar Lesson DVD - This Is The Way I Do It - John McLaughlin

(3-DVD set) Leave it to John McLaughlin to revolutionize how guitar improvisation is taught to the masses. This is the Way I Do It is a DVD landmark. It is the first music instruction DVD to use the full capabilities of the medium. Displayed for all of the chapters are three camera views, the left-hand, the right-hand and a score so that the player can follow along. Subtitled in five different languages for worldwide application.

This three DVD set is not for beginning guitarists. You will need to have a working knowledge of scales to take advantage of the instruction right out of the box. This DVD is designed to help all guitar players, beginning improvisers and even the best professional players, find their own improvisational voices. Each DVD introduces a new level of skill. To master each level, and thus each DVD, will require the student at least one year of his or her time.

This is not some video game. It is serious teaching. Yet, the instruction is presented in the most personal of ways. You will get to know John McLaughlin. (This is especially true after you have viewed the hilarious bonus outtakes). Filming was aided by many capable people including technicians and advisers from Apple Computer. It is beautifully filmed and recorded, cogently correlated and even has an interface with McLaughlin's website. Its format will become the gold standard of instructional DVD's. NTSC all region. 3 hours and 40 minutes.

Buy John McLaughlin's 'This Is The Way I do It' DVD (The Ultimate Guitar Workshop on Improvisation) here

Guitar Lesson DVD - John McLaughlin - The Gateway To RhythmGuitar Lesson DVD - John McLaughlin - The Gateway To Rhythm

Guitar Lesson DVD - The Gateway To Rhythm - John McLaughlin

Konokol is the universal system of mastering rhythm without drums. Guitar legend John McLaughlin, who has advocated this system of learning rhythm for over 30 years, brings it all together with Konokol master Selvaganesh Vinayakram, one of the foremost percussionists from India.

Divided into six chapters, the student moves from basic understanding of rhythm into the wonderful world of improvisation. Exercises are explained and demonstrated followed by improvisations which include all the exercise material of that particular chapter. You will learn through this course how to improvise rhythmically and how this system can help in your compositions.

Following this, John McLaughlin explains and demonstrates on the guitar the benefit Konokol has had on his improvisations, and its usefulness in his compositions over the past 30 years

Buy John McLaughlins 'The Gateway To Rhythm' DVD here

Guitar Lesson - Greg Howe - Hot Rock Licks DVDGuitar Lesson - Greg Howe - Hot Rock Licks DVD

Guitar Lesson DVD - Hot Rock Licks - Greg Howe

Greg Howe,a renowned master of jazz, rock, funk, blues, and fusion styles, covers a variety of subjects ranging from melodic warm-up exercises to some of his favorite licks in this one-hour instructional DVD.

Youll be guided through techniques such as alternate picking, 3-octave scales, and 4-note-per-string patterns with the help of on-screen tablature.

Youll also learn exciting 2-handed licks, how to use arpeggios, and other improvisational tools to help you create your own solos.

Buy Greg Howe's 'Hot Rock licks' DVD here

Guitar lesson - Vivian Campbell - Lead Master Class DVDGuitar lesson - Vivian Campbell - Lead Master Class DVD

Guitar Lesson DVD - Lead Master Class - Vivian Campbell

Learn from one of the best rock players and teachers around! Vivian Campbell is best known for his work with Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Dio, Trinity, and his contributions to Hear'n' Aid.

In this DVD, Vivian takes the beginning electric guitarist from the basic level up to playing more advanced techniques and styles.

Vivian demonstrates how to ward off bad habits and shows you how he believes rock guitar should really be played! You'll never miss a note with some unique DVD features: see the music and the tablature on screen as it's being played * all right- and left-hand techniques are shown in close-up and with helpful split-screen effects to make learning easy * slow-motion segments with standard pitch sound * artist biography * selected discography * suggested listening * 8-page booklet with music examples included.

Buy Vivian Campbells ' Lead Master Class' DVD here

Guitar Lesson - Michael lee Firkins - Mastering Lead Guitar DVDGuitar Lesson - Michael lee Firkins - Mastering Lead Guitar DVD

Guitar Lesson DVD - Mastering Lead Guitar - Michael Lee Firkins

Michael Lee Firkins gives a thorough and well-rounded lesson dealing with scales and routines, whammy bar effects for unique slide and pedal steel sounds, overdubbing lead harmonies and solos over a rhythm part, blues leads, tapping effects and real tapping for lightning fast runs, fingerpicking for both lead and rhythm, Jimmy Page and Joe Walsh styles, special harmonica and banjo effects, open-string tapping styles, and advanced sweeping and arpeggio techniques and exercises.

Buy 'Mastering Lead Guitar' DVD by Michael Lee Firkins here

Guitar Lesson DVD - Jason BeckerGuitar Lesson DVD - Jason Becker

Guitar Lesson DVD - The Legendary Guitar Of - Jason Becker

The tragic and ultimately heroic story of one of the most awe-inspiring and innovative metal guitar heroes of the eighties. As co-member of Cacophony, with Marty Friedman, Becker defined the liquid-smooth super-complex playing style that characterized the Los Angeles guitarists of the decade.

After being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease in the early nineties, Becker continued to play and compose. This DVD features rare and archived footage of both Cacophony and many solo performances. Furthermore, the film includes Becker's guitar clinic at the Atlanta Institute of Music, giving a poignant insight into this legendary figure.

Buy 'The Legendary Guitar Of Jason Becker' DVD here

Guitar Lesson DVD - Marty Friedman - Exotic MetalGuitar Lesson DVD - Marty Friedman - Exotic Metal

Guitar Lesson DVD - Exotic Metal Guitar - Marty Friedman

Marty Friedman gives you an intensive lesson in exotic scales, odd time signatures, theory, solo construction with actual demonstrations, exercises for picking and the left hand, Japanese-sounding scales, exotic half-step bend scales, playing out of time and the thought process behind soloing heavy metal. Jam packed with video lessons.

Buy Marty Friedman's 'Exotic Metal Guitar' DVD here

Guitar Lesson DVD - Guitar World - Super Shred Guitar

Guitar Lesson DVD - Super Shred Guitar Master Class - Jeff Loomis

Nevermore guitarist Jeff Loomis--in his instructional DVD debut--as the teacher.

This superb DVD contains more than 60 minutes' worth of valuable tips, tricks and techniques for anyone looking to improve their shredding abilities.

Topics covered include warm up exercises, scale studies, economy picking, sweep picking, modes and arpeggios plus lots more.

A 24-page tablature book is included with each DVD.

Buy 'Super Shred Guitar Master Class' by Jeff Loomis here

Guitar lesson DVD - Paul Gilbert - Shred Alert

Guitar Lesson DVD - Guitar World - Shred Alert - Paul Gilbert

Paul Gilbert Presents Shred Alert is the only DVD to feature all the columns and video tutorials from the acclaimed Guitar World columnist.

You'll learn how to take your lead guitar playing to the next level with position shifting, alternate picking, 16th-note runs, muting techniques and much more!

With more than two hours of lessons, Paul Gilbert Presents Shred Alert is the ultimate shredding lesson from one of the world's most influential guitarists

Buy Paul Gilbert's 'Shred Alert' DVD here

Guitar Lesson DVD - Fretboard Physics - Advanced Soloing

In this fifth volume, Curt Mitchell teaches tone adjustments, picking techniques, vibrato, hammer-ons and pull-offs, how to increase speed, root positions, and modes and scales.


Buy Fretboard Physics - Advanced soloing DVD here