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iTunes Agent - Now Called Notpod


iTunes is not just for iPods


iTunes is a great music player and organizer. Unfortunately iTunes is made to only synchronize with iPods. Not everyone owns an iPod, though Apple certainly would have loved that. How great would it be if you could synchronize your non-iPod MP3 player, your Playstation Portable and your Walkman phone with your iTunes Library? Enter: Notpod!


Features - Manage your player's track list from iTunes - Associate your player with Smart Playlists to get a fresh list of tracks every time you synchronize


Click Here to download Notpod and experience for yourself!



Quite simply the best site on the web if you are looking for David Gilmour information. The site was created by Bjorn Riiss the lead guitarist of the excellent Norwegian band Airbag. Apart from being a very accomplished and tasteful guitarist, Bjorn really knows his Gilmour and has researched his information meticulously. Without doubt this site is a labour of love. You will also find many David Gilmour - Pink Floyd backing tracks here you can download.


Watford Valves

If you are looking for advice on what valves to use or how to get your guitar amp to sound awesome, Derek Rocca who owns Watford Valves, is simply the best in the business. I was using Cornford MK50H amp heads and was never quite happy with the sound.


That is until I spoke with Derek. He gave me some sound advice (pardon the pun) and a great deal on some digitally matched and balanced tubes. He also told me what speakers I should use to get the sound I was looking for. I followed Derek's advice and the difference in my sound was astonishing.


Don't take my word for it though. Ask Eric Clapton, Angus Young, Brian May and Joe Satriani to name just a few of Derek's very happy customers.


Guitar Master Class

Featuring over 2,000 guitar lessons covering a wide variety of guitar styles and presented by some extremely talented instructors, Guitar Master Class has a great deal to offer every serious student of the guitar.


Lessons are graded by a numbered difficulty level and categorised under the headings, Absolute Beginner, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Extremely Advanced and Insane. You can search for lessons by style. in the style of, by genre, by instructor, by level, by song, by series etc. GMC also features bass guitar lessons, singing lessons, drum tuition, piano lessons, guitar maintenance, how to record and much more.


There is an online commumity forum, workshops, video response, video chat with fellow students and instructors, knowledge base covering guitarists, bands, gear, techniques, theory, lesson plans, genres, the list of what this site has to offer goes on and on. I do not know of another guitar lesson site that can offer so much for the more advanced, technically minded student such as lessons by the outstanding and unbelievably versatileMuris Varajicfor example. Check out his extreme neo-classic lesson.hereYngwie eat your heart out or what?


Take a look at Guitar Master Classand be amazed.




Is a free web-based application that enables you to create song structures and scores using a flash based sheet music type interface, that you can fill in with chords and drum loops.


There are a handful of instruments to choose from for the free-to-use version, including electric and acoustic guitars and piano, but more instrument loops are available through the music library add-on, which is free for a limited time.


Only available in 4/4 tempo and not having the facility to add single notes, rests, or a proper notation system, Jamstudio is not for the serious musician. It is however, a fun tool for the novice who will learn a little about chord progressions and enjoy a simple way of composing a song.




Choose from 120,000 sound effects and loops.



The Essential Guitar Guide

First published on the web in 1995, the original 13 page version of the guide remains available as a free resource to guitar players old and new. The idea behind the guide is to cut through the confusion that often surrounds music theory and provide a means to apply practical music theory in the real world.



Fender amp Field Guide

All you ever wanted to know about old Fender amps. great resource site for classic Fender amp info.


Amplifier Schematics

Ampeg Schematics
Epiphone Schematics
Gibson Schematics
Marshall Schematics
Vox Schematics

Fantastic site for comprehensive and well presented free guitar lessons and lots of them

Most bands these days have or want a website, myspace, facebook etc. This site is full of easy to follow video tutorials of how to use adobe and other products to build and enhance your website. I found Mark's tutorials invaluable when building this site.




Another great site to help you with web design and all manner of coding etc. Adam's tutorials are very well presented, easy to follow and once again have helped me a great deal in building this site.

Featuring Virtual Guitar & Chordbook - this features a flash modelled guitar and chordbook with over 1300 guitar chords and inversions. See and hear the chords you select - many more features. Guitar Scales Finder - Choose from a list of scales, load them onto the guitar and practice along.



Build Your Guitar

Free downloadable books on building an electric guitar. There’s also another book on building a lapsteel guitar. The site also offers plans for a completed guitar, and a number of resources.



Jam Center

Pick a Jam machine and away you go - A fun way to practice



Andy Stocks Guitar School

A realy good guitar school in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, also covering Rotherham. Check out the site for some free lessons



Free Web Directory

Pegasus free web directory. A popular online directory where you can submit your site for listing and post articles.

Want to learn to play the drums? Get free drum lessons and learn how to play drums with step by step lessons



Guitar Tabs

Search over 300,000 guitar and bass tabs at

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