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I didn't really know what to call this page? It is a collection of items of potential interest if you like? An assortment of Miscellaneous offerings that may tickle your fancy?


I hasten to add that these items have not been reviewed by me and it's definately a case of you pays your money, you takes your chance.


Some may prove to be useful, even invaluable to you. Others may prove to be amusing if not entirely accurate and some, I sincerely hope not many, prove to be a waste of time effort and money.


Anyway, take a look and decide for yourselves. If you keep me informed of your findings via the contact form. I will remove any that prove to be dodgy and promote any you think are worthy. This is after all a community so please do voice your opinions.


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The Amazing Music Formula


Attention! -- Singers, Producers, Bands, Writers & Rappers...


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The Amazing Music Formula


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Listen up everyone. If you are looking to hit the Entertainment industry hard, get famous over night, then you need to get the One thing that will sign your record deal for you.


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Reach Fame



Home Recording Studio Guide


Are you Tired of plowing through a stack of manuals to find the correct way to Record?


Home Recording Studio Guide puts critical information at your finger tips.


Did you ever want a one page clear summary of a Mixing boards "Routing of Signals?...hubba hubba

Its just one of 128 pages in this complete guide


Everything you need for Success in Your Home Recording Studio - Lifetime Guaranteed!


Home Recording Studio Guide





Online Instruction Course Recording Guitar


Learn to record guitar with online video instruction


Whether You Want To Record A Simple Demo Or Lay Down Killer Tracks For The Next Grammy Award-Winning Album, You'll Have A Blast With This Simple, Step-By-Step Method.


Learning to record guitar has never been so simple, or so enjoyable. This step-by-step, video instruction course contains everything you'll need to really learn the ins and outs of recording guitar.


These are the exact same lessons that thousands of students, many of them just like you, have used to learn how to record their guitar. And most importantly, you'll have fun and be on your way to great recorded tone from the very first lesson.


Recording Guitar




Free Backstage Passes


"Discover how you can get the best tickets in the house and hangout backstage with unprecedented access to your favorite artists!"


"Hi, My name is Ryan Even and I'm here to share how you can get those exclusive backstage passes to the hottest concerts and event in your area….


After years spent working in the radio industry I have found the secrets of how even the average person can secure the best tickets and more!"


Free Backstage Passes



Music Marketing Manifesto


A Major Label Recording Artist Reveals His Secret Money Making System For Marketing And Selling Music Online!


“How An Out Of Work Musician Managed To Rebuild A Thriving Music Career Using Nothing But The Internet To Generate Thousands Of Dollars In Revenue each Year!”


[email protected]*k The Record Labels! Learn How To Create Your Own Success In The Music Business. Anyone Can Do It. You Just need To Know How!

Music Marketing Manifesto